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Dear friends and family,

I am putting forward a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of raising $5,000, which would provide one refurbished dialysis machine to benefit kidney failure patients in an emerging country.  Please consider supporting this effort if you are able!  I am grateful for anything good that comes from this opportunity to give back virtually.  Nonprofits generally are struggling as receipts fall off due to COVID-19, so even if not this one, consider supporting other great organizations caring for the vulnerable!

For this fundraiser, over the course of two days, I will run 19 miles in memory of COVID-19 patients lost this year.  This will be hard for me after delivering a baby in February, but I will try my best! 

More infoBOL is a global health nonprofit dedicated to kidney disease prevention and treatment.  It was founded by my employer, DaVita Kidney Care. Nurses, technicians, and physicians volunteer their talents and provide kidney health services on a pro bono basis in 13 developing nations around the world.  Volunteers help identify kidney disease patients, help further prevent organ failure, and finally, offer kidney replacement therapy (dialysis) to patients in emerging countries that would otherwise pass away.

With gratitude,


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Donor Name Date Amount (USD) Donor's Comment
Emily and Nick 9/12/2020 $100.00
MuskoFunks 9/12/2020 $100.00
Laura and Mike 9/12/2020 $100.00
Anonymous 9/13/2020 $60.00
Dan Geoffrion 9/13/2020 $200.00 Go Jennie! This is a great way to give back!
Nash Family 9/13/2020 $100.00
Andy Crossett 9/13/2020 $50.00
Ben & Jesse Ilhardt 9/13/2020 $100.00
Charlie and Connie Funk 9/13/2020 $500.00
David & Rachel Romer Carlson 9/13/2020 $250.00
Helena Kuhn 9/13/2020 $100.00
Heather Gray Dorsey 9/14/2020 $100.00 Thanks for doing this! 19 mile wowowow! For a great cause :).
Laura & Tommy Dantonio 9/14/2020 $50.00
Allison Kahler 9/14/2020 $200.00
Mariah and James Collins 9/14/2020 $60.00
The Hills 9/15/2020 $100.00 Have a great run Jennie!! Such a wonderful cause!
Uncle Will and Aunt Doris 9/15/2020 $60.00
Patricia Nelson 9/15/2020 $25.00
Adam Crossett 9/15/2020 $50.00
Kyle & Kelly 9/15/2020 $100.00
Deythra Smith 9/16/2020 $25.00 Good Luck Jennie!
Ann Matthews 9/18/2020 $100.00
Anonymous 9/21/2020 $2530.00
Brandon and Tessa 9/21/2020 $25.00
Andrea & Balint 9/22/2020 $100.00
Caroline Funk 9/14/2020 $500.00







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About Bridge Of Life

Bridge of Life (BOL), an independent 501(c)(3) public charity founded by DaVita Inc., is an international nonprofit organization working to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease. Their vision is a world where all human beings have access to quality healthcare. They strive to empower local staff, community health workers and patients through training and education to make sustainable changes to healthcare.

BOL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by DaVita Inc. (Tax ID Number: 46-2960097). The full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.